Genesis – Business As Usual

So, two new characters introduced (kind of). In the first panel, we’ve got Bruce, an anthro great white shark and his boyfriend Shiro, a half-robotic raccoon. Shiro is playfully stalking his BF in the supermarket. Also, Donut (Anthro Alex’s fenine puppy clone) was lonely at AA’s house, so he decided to clone himself a little brother. Dumpling (soon to be seen) will be the new little fenine puppy clone, taking on a bit of Anubis, fenine and Alexei’s DNA. Same as Donut, but smaller. And AA seems to name all of his fenines after food. He must be hungry a lot.

Finally, AA pops a question of curiosity to Alex as they drive somewhere. Considering that Lee and Alex got married somewhere in between Eccentricity 1.0 and Eccentricity 2.0. The next comic should be interesting.

Ah, comics. So, if you’ve noticed, I barely have the time I want to update the comic weekly, so it’ll probably break down to one or two updates a month until I can make time for the comic. Shouldn’t be too bad on my side. I still loves you all.